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Gr.5 Art History



Lesson 1 - Egypt (Oct)

This lesson includes a plan of the Great Pyramid, Hieroglyphs, the great Temple of Abu Simbel (Ramses the Great), a brief discussion of El Amarna and several photographs of artifacts from Tutankhamun's tomb.


Lesson 2 - Biblical Archaeology & Jewish Ceremonial Art (Nov)


This lesson contains images from the Mesopotamian Valley, with an emphasis on Jewish art and the stories that accompany them. Sumerian, Babylonian (Ishtar Gate) and some Assyrian art is included.


Lesson 3 - Greek Art (Dec)

This lesson includes a discussion of architecture with the Three Classical Orders: Doric, Classical and Corinthian capitals; and the Parthenon, Kouros, Venus de Milo and Alexander the Great.


Lesson 4 - Roman Art (Jan)

This lesson includes an overview of major contributions made by the Roman civilization to architecture (concrete, arch, aqueduct) and sculpture (portraiture, relief sculpture, equestrian statuary). The Colosseum, Lupa Romana and the Roman Pantheon are included.


Lesson 5 - Mediaeval Art (Feb)

Romanesque and Gothic Christian churches begin this lesson. In addition, Christian imagery (painted alter of Samson and stained glass of the Flight to Egypt) is included. Tapestries, castles and knights in armor are viewed and discussed.


Lesson 6 - Celtic, Druid and Viking Art (Mar)

This lesson includes Stonehenge, a discussion of amber, Viking artifacts and ships, and illuminated manuscripts.


Lesson 7 - Art in Russia (Apr)

This lesson includes images of Russian icons, the Church of the Transfiguration, Faberge Imperial Easter Eggs, the Cathedral of St Basil and Russian lacquer ware.


Lesson 8 - Art in Latin America (May)

This lesson contains images from Colombia, Peru and Mexico including a discussion of the Incas and Aztecs.


The children have the opportunity to study art works of the past which reflect the time and cultures of the people who produced them.

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