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Timeline of Events in Russian History 1547-1983

Supplement to Art History : Grade 5 Lesson 7 - Art in Russia

Date Event
1547 Ivan IV.. The Terrible., at 17, crowned Czar of Russia in Moscow
1584 Fyodor I, son of Ivan IV, who relinquishes most of his power to his brother in law, Boris Godunov
1598 Dimitri, son of Ivan the Terrible, assassinated on instigation of Godunov, regent. (1591)

Boris Bodunov seizes throne upon death of Fyodor I
False Dimitri claiming to be son of Ivan IV appears in Poland and wins support for an invasion of Russia. (1601)

Time of Troubles begins, no clear government.

Fyodor II succeeds his father, Godunov. False Dimitri enters - Russia and Fyodor II is assassinated.

Dimitri crowned Czar

1606 Vasily Shuiski assassinates Dimitri and is elected Czar Vasily IV
1608 Second False Dimitri defeats Czar Shuiski~ advances toward Moscow
1610 Czar Shuiski deposed, throne offered to Vladislav of Poland - End of Time of Troubles 
1613 Michael Romanov, son of the patriarch of Moscow. elected Czar of Russia, thus founding the House of Romanov
1645 Alexis I, son of Michael Romanov, succeeds the throne
1676 Feodor III, son of Alexis I, succeeds the throne
1682 Peter I, brother of Feodor III, becomes Czar at age 10. but his half-sister Sophia engineers a palace revolt and becomes Regent. making Peter co-czar with his half brother, Ivan V
1689 Peter I deposes Sophie. Marries first wife. Eudoxia Lopukhina

Peter I, the Great, becomes sole Czar upon death of Ivan V. 

 -divides Russia into 8 government districts in 1708 

 -marries his mistress Catherine~ a former peasant in 1712 

 -has his son and Heir, Alexis murdered. (Alexis had married Charlotte, has one son)
 -crowns his wife, Catherine~ Czarina (1724)

1725 Catherine I succeeds throne
1727 Peter I, grandson of Peter the Great, son of Alexius and Charlotte Wolfenhuttel
1730 Anna Ivanovna, daughter of Ivan V (Reign of Major Generals)
1740  Ivan VI,, Anna Ca______ Regent, (niece of Anna Ivanovna)
1741 Elizabeth, daughter of Peter the Great becomes czarina, Ivan VI deposed and imprisoned.
1762 Peter III, qrandson of Peter the Great, son of Charles ____ and Anna Petronova. Peter III dies by assassination, his wife, Catherine thought to be involved.
1762  Catherine II, the Great
1796  Paul I, son of Catherine II (Anhalt Zerhst), succeeds the throne after murder of Catherine by her lovers, the Orloff brothers.
1801 Alexander I succeeds throne, Paul I assassinated 
1825 Nicholas I succeeds throne upon death of Alexander I
1855 Alexander II succeeds throne upon death of Nicholas I, abolished the serf system
1881  Alexander III Succeeds throne after father, Alexander II is killed by terrorist bomb

Nicholas II succeeds throne upon death of his father, Alexander III. 

Russian Socialist Democratic Party founded by Karl Marx 1898 

Gregory Rasputindominated affairs of government


Revolution in February

Czar abdicates March 16.

Lenin appointed Chief Commissar


Nicholas II overthrown by Bolsheviks, executed with his family 

Provisional Government Prince George Lvov

Alexander Kerensky drove Bolsheviks (Lenin) underground

1922  U.S.S.R. established
1924  Lenin died, Stalin begins rise to power
1953  (Stalin dies) Malenkov
1955 Bulganin
1956 Khrushchev
1964 Brezhnev
1983 Gorbachev
1991 Communist party abolished - Yeltsin President of Russia


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