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About the Program

Art History volunteer PTA Members from Sandwich K-6 schools bring cultural enrichment to the grade K-6 classes by presenting reproduction prints and other materials, many of which were generously donated by Heritage Plantation. Neither teaching experience nor knowledge of art is necessary. The only requirements are an interest in art and the love of children. 

The Art History Program contributes to understanding works of art and provides information about:

WHO created them,

WHAT the artist wanted to communicate,

WHY they are considered works of "Art",

WHERE they originated,

HOW art has changed, HOW it reflects values of a society, and HOW cultures have communicated through visual forms.

Training sessions are provided each month before the classroom lesson. Attendance at the monthly training sessions is required. The volunteer then visits the same classroom each month for eight months. Most volunteers make half-hour presentations in two classrooms on the same day. The total commitment is approximately three hours per month.



  1. All volunteers are responsible for setting a time with the classroom teacher(s). Be sure to schedule your presentation for the week when the materials are at your school.
  2. If you have to cancel - call the school as early as possible to have the message relayed to your teacher.
  3. Return portfolios immediately after your presentation - they may be needed by another volunteer.
  4. Gloves are provided and must be worn to preserve the materials.




bulletGrade 1 : 6-7pm
bulletGrade 2 : 7-8pm
bulletGrade 3 : 6-7pm
bulletGrade 4 : 8-9pm
bulletGrade 5 : 7-8pm
bulletGrade 6 : 8-9pm

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Timeline of Featured Artists - the artists featured in our lessons are listed here chronologically with lesson notes links.


Timeline of Periods in Art History 



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May June


Art all around

Art is Everywhere Where is Art? Colors Make Shapes Art is of All Peoples Fantasy - The world of Imagination

Grade 1

Children in Art

Reading a painting Children & Music Faces Mirror Feelings Children & Pets Children from other Times and Places Children from other Times and Places Children from other Times and Places The ways we learn  

Grade 2

Art & Observation

Black & White in Color Black & White in Color Shapes, Forms and Lines Techniques & Media Art & Nature Space Science Art Art & Architecture Perspective & Tricks of the Eye

Grade 3

Red, White & Blue Art

Native American Art Rural Life in Art Toys American Folk Art American Patriotic Art Western Art Maritime Art Looking for Light

Grade 4

Art as it Changes

Art & Exploration The Impressionists Art & Exploration Art in Revolution & Empire Still Life & Landscape The Impressionists The Impressionists The Impressionists

Grade 5

Pyramids, Palaces & Great Big Walls

Bible Archaeology & Jewish Ceremonial Art Bible Archaeology & Jewish Ceremonial Art Ancient Greek Art Roman Art Mediaeval Art Celtic, Druid and Viking Art Art in Russia Art in Latin America

Grade 6

Senegal to Honolulu


African Art Art of Islam Art in India Art in China & Korea Art in Japan Indonesian Art Indonesian Art

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