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  ART ALL AROUND - Art is Everywhere - Where is Art?

bulletSample Dialogue

Art is all around us. You might ask the children to take an imaginary trip with you to make a list of places where you might find art. Art is in nature, made by the weather, outdoors and indoors, made by man. Children make art - as do adults.


There are some examples of kinds of art and places to look for art in your packet this month. Refer to notes for ideas on how to use them. Use the list below for your imaginary walk with the students to look for art.


You wake up in the morning - you see examples of art:

  1. Wallpaper

  2. Sheet patterns

  3. Towel patterns

  4. Breakfast dishes

  5. Silverware

  6. Your clothing - fabric art

  7. Furniture design

  8. Designs of toys, books and games

You go outside - art in nature:

  1. Designs of tree branches

  2. Swirls in the snow or ice

  3. The shape of rocks

  4. Texture of sand

On your way to school:

  1. Store signs

  2. Street signs

  3. Different shapes of cars

  4. Buildings

At school:

  1. Pictures in books

  2. School furniture

  3. Your playground

  4. Things you make in school

On your way home, after school:

  1. Mail - stationery /cards

  2. Cartoons on television

  3. Scenery / costumes in movies or plays

  4. Grocery packaging.

Trip to a museum or art gallery:

  1. Paintings

  2. Sculpture

  3. Photographs

  4. Prints

  5. Etchings

  6. Carvings

  7. any other art of textiles etc.


  1. Peter Pan, , Disney Productions, Poster.
      Animated cartoon on television or at the movies is a motion picture made from a series of drawings simulating motion by means of slight, progressive changes. It is easy for adults to understand this concept. Using this poster just mention that a man named Walt Disney owned a company. He was an artist and had other artists working for him. His company drew cartoons and gave each character a name. Peter Pan is one of his creations and he illustrated many story books and movies with his cartoons.
  2. Morton Salt, , Advertising Series and Package Design.
      Morton is the name of a company that packages and sells salt. They have been in business for a long time. Every few years, artists change the design on the box so the little girl looks more in fashion. Try to relate the age of the package to the children with the technique "when your grandmother's mother was a little girl she could go to the store and buy Morton Salt. The label wrapped around the box looked like this." You could progress through the generations like this. Compare each old label with today's label, etc..
  3. Glass Vase, , Tiffany. Reproduction print.
    Tiffany is a company in New York that makes beautiful glassware. The colors and the shape of this vase were designed by an artist.
  4. Dolly Dingle & Billy Bumps, , paper dolls, reproduction.
    Grace G. Dayton is best known as the originator and illustrator of the Campbell kids. Besides drawing for the Campbell Soup Company from 1905 to 1933, she was also an illustrator of children's books, fashion pages and magazine covers and a designer of toy banks, door stops for children's rooms, stuffed animals, dolls and post cards. The paper dolls on the woman's magazine "Pictorial review" first appears in 1931. Dolly Dingle of Dingle Dell, Billie Bumps of Dingle Dell and Kitty Cutie of Dingle Dell were paper dolls grandmothers or great grandmothers might have played with.

    Could the students think of a current doll or figure which originated in an advertisement, movie or book? Have they seen any Campbell's Kids in recent signs or advertisements?

  5. Campbell's Soup, advertisement

  6. Various Textiles, Wallpaper and Stationery
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